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Art Offset Calculator

The Art Offset Calculator includes the following CRITICAL assumptions:

A = (number of art works you want to offset)

This factor assumes the following is true for each artwork:

Size:The work is 2’ x 2’ x 2” (61cm x 61cm x 5.08cm) for flat works

1,152 cubic inches (18,903 cubic cm) for 3D works

Weight:The work weighs 8 pounds (4.45 kilograms)

Transportation:The work required 50 miles of driving in a car averaging 25 mpg

The work required 100 miles of air travel

Shipping:The work required one crate and a one-way trip via air of 400 miles

Energy Usage:The work required a combined 50 days of research and studio time

Materials:These are included as Indirect Emissions in factor E (see below)

E (Estimated Metric Tonnes of CO2 emissions per art work)

This factor assumes the following per artwork:


Car50 miles at 25 mpg average= 0.0068157Mt

Air Travel100 miles= 0.0505555556Mt


Air Cargo400 miles: 8 lbs artwork

+ 4 lbs packing = 12 lbs package weight= 0.0018Mt

Energy Usage:

AllPassive and active studio work, research,

Phone, computer, heating/cooling etc.

50 days per artwork at 6.16439 KWH per day

and .08493 Therms of Natural Gas per day = 0.0137441Mt

Sub-Total Metric Tonnes of CO2 Emissions per artwork= 0.0729153Mt

Materials:[Accounted for by using a 1.4 IndirectX 1.4

Emissions factor]


C (Total Estimated Metric Tonnes of CO2 to offset)

A and E are multiplied to achieve this amount, which should then be offset